Real Weddings

/ July 11, 2017


from the photographer… “In a world where millions go to seek fame and fortune, Chris (a comedy writer) and Erin (a designer/marketer/actress/ninja) collided, forever changing the course of (their) destiny. Despite insurmountable odds including (Erin always running late) and (Chris always running his mouth), a girl from Kansas City met a boy from Brawley. At an audition for something that never came to be…something, in fact, came to be. Their first date was at the Largo, (although Erin didn’t think it was a first date and Chris definitely told everyone it was) where they shared laughs, a very awkward hug and Erin was given a mixed CD (a bold move indeed). Their “first date” was followed by hundreds of outstanding ones (Chris’s words), texting marathons, Kingdom adventures, and wine walks in Paris. They found a shared love of family, comedy, spicy foods, competitive games, vigilantism, and binging TV shows. They can’t wait to start their lives together and go on many more adventures…right after one more episode.”

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“They searched high and low for a “blank canvas” venue with white walls and unlimited potential to create their dream wedding vision. They found that in Venue by Three Petals! They loved that the space was large enough to separate ceremony, cocktail hour & reception into different sections while keeping everyone in one place. It also created a big “WOW” factor Erin wanted by sectioning off the reception area during cocktail hour to then reveal the giant, gorgeous chandelier and space for dinner. Erin designed everything for the wedding. Her to-create list started off 5 feet long! Immediately after they got engaged she started dreaming up all the things she could design and create. From the invitation suite to the dinner menus, the programs to table numbers, the drink signs and the perfect custom drink sticks! She even made custom getting ready t-shirts for her girls! To top it all off she designed a giant dance floor decal to let people know what she expected out of everyone.”



What was one of the most memorable parts of your wedding day? Erin: The ceremony, hands down. It was so magical and really set the tone for the rest of the night. Chris surprised me by building a stunning hexagon backdrop that was just incredible. We didn’t plan it, but the ceremony ended up being emotionally charged, I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the place! We wrote our own vows, which is a bit unfair considering my husband is a comedy writer, but saying them to each other was my favorite part of the whole day. We kept the ceremony short and sweet, but jam packed with love. Chris: The vows. I practiced saying them three times that morning and couldn’t get through them once without tearing up. There was something so powerful and emotional about professing my love for Erin. My groomsmen told me I’d be fine during the actual ceremony. Wrong. Staring out at the crowd and back to my beautiful bride, I felt so many emotions. The biggest emotion I felt was absolute love and adoration for my future wife. I didn’t care that everyone I knew saw me weep like Claire Danes. I love Erin and I was ecstatic they all saw it. Hot damn! I feel like reading them again right now.”




Advice from the couple… “1) Make the wedding what YOU want it to be. We wanted a wedding that represented us as a couple and ended up being a big dance party and we got it. We prioritized what was important to each of us. 2) If you live in LA, I would also suggest DIY’ing some portion of your flowers. It was a blast taking my family to the flower market downtown and loading up a bunch of white roses, hydrangeas and tons of greenery! 3) Designate one or two people in your bridal party to remind you to take “mental pictures” throughout the day. One of my bridesmaids did this and it really helped us take it all in and savor the moments. 4) We chose not to hire a cinematographer but had 2 friends bring their GoPros and set them up for the ceremony & reception. SO thankful we did that! Pictures are fabulous, but hearing your vows out loud and listening to family speeches are priceless. 5) Get your wedding bands on Etsy! 6) Final tip from the groom…Pick your battles.”



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