/ March 31, 2017


from the photographer… “I met Joanna and Mike with their two husky puppies, Kaia and Tucker, at sunrise in the Boston Public Gardens. We had the whole bridge to ourselves that early in the morning, which is a photographer’s dream! We took casual portraits of Joanna and Mike with their pups in the gardens and then walked over to Beacon Hill for more pictures in their formal outfits. I absolutely loved Joanna and Kaia’s matching florals! They looked so cute together, and not to mention, Mike and Tucker’s matching burgundy bow ties! Joanna and Mike were such a fun-loving couple, and I felt like we were laughing during their whole session. The best part might have been the last shot we took, which was Jo and Mike feeding each other their dogs’ treats, which were cut up hot dogs. That’s how you know a couple is going to stay together forever- when they want to feed each other their dogs’ treats during their engagement session!”

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