Styled Shoots

/ April 26, 2017

FEATURE KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial2_low

from the photographer… “It was a perfect day for photos, breezy and warm which is odd on a February afternoon, but in Texas, the weather is as unexpected as the tiny details in this airy, heirloom styled shoot. We were worn out with the lack of chemistry, perfectly posed, fierce faced models that a traditional photo shoot has. We craved an authentic couple that had a true connection and that you could truly relate to. Kelsey and Hayden were all of that and more. They are the definition of a fun loving and happy newlywed couple. They made it easy to capture their genuine love for one another, not to mention how much fun we had with them as they had all of the vendors laughing throughout the day. They twirled and danced in the open fields of the Texas hill country just like the light and dainty fabrics danced in the breeze on the vintage furniture, giving off a slight whimsy feel. We kept the colors faint and the decor simple so that they didn’t distract from the already beautiful venue, The Grand Texana. Once a vintage dairy barn, it has been restored to enhance all of its original beauty and white ship lap walls. We placed the table in front of an authentic barn door to give the look more of a vintage feel.The lush greenery, large garden roses and massive ranunculus blooms gave off a romantic feel and the free-formed arrangement allowed a hint of organic style to shine through. The hexagon shaped marble place cards, sleek gold candle sticks, and small gold terrariums added a bit of luster and a modern touch to the heirloom style of this shoot!”

1 KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial2463_low

2A KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial1845_low
3A KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial1880_low

4 KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial1268_low5 KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial4_low

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6B KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial1282_low

7 KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial1348_low8 KatiHewittPhotography_katihewittphotograndtexanaeditorial1307_low

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