Styled Shoots

/ April 12, 2017

FEATURE GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0431

from the photographer… “This Gatsby styled wedding was the creative vision of Logan of LCM Weddings and Events. There are accents of gold and black, vintage cameras, TWO amazing wedding dresses, a champagne tower and the amazing venue, of course, offered us the perfect backdrop. We had a ton of fun putting together this shoot and creating beautiful and fun inspirational photos for brides and grooms looking for a little vintage flair for their wedding!”

1A GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0212
1B GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0247

2 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0138

3A GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0026
3B GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0032

4 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0001

5A GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0083
5B GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0360

6 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0311

7A GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0352
7B GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0350

8 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0407

9A GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0578
9B GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0642

10 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot048311 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0050
1 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot06402 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot01913 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot00844 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot02405 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot03446 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot05357 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot00418 GreatGatsbyStyledShoot0465