Styled Shoots

/ February 16, 2017

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from the decor provider and designer… “Feathers, kale green and Baylis rain linen were the building blocks for this shoot right from the start. When the designer discovered that this historic railway car shop building was scheduled for a huge renovation, she knew that the shoot just had to be in this industrial building, that over a century ago was the repair shop for rail cars. The sky high windows and whitewashed brick walls and ceilings made for a unique warehouse feel while the DIY driftwood, glass, and feather dessert table backdrop paired with the bride’s beautiful Ti Adora shawl added softer, romantic elements to the shoot.”

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“With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the stationery designer master crafted the beautiful bow and arrow place card holders and cake accent from Vancouver Island’s arbutus tree branches. The florist filled the bridal bouquet with greens, shots of crimson and beautiful foraged textures. The finishing touch came on the day of, when the photographer filled the room with a fog machine, giving the room a cool grey mist, pulling together the look and giving us the ‘dark meets airy’ beautiful images.”

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