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/ May 18, 2017

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from the planner and designer… “This bridal shower was close to the heart as it was for my soon to be sister-in-law, Dayna, who is as obsessed with details as I am. There were many unique touches to this bridal shower, which is something I loved most about it. For example, the invitation design was hand painted by the bride’s aunt, and we used those same flowers within the centerpieces and the hand painted welcome sign. The bride is very crafty and made almost all the decor, from the bar signs, game stationery, table numbers, floral ice buckets, and the list goes on! The special touches were sprinkled all around and guests definitely noticed.”

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“Madsen’s Greenhouse is full of gorgeous natural greenery, so we worked with the space and just added pops of colour and gold and rose gold accents. The place cards were mini succulents that made the cutest little favours and worked perfectly with the theme. Guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbly and encouraged to go play all the fun games like “match the maids”. Lunch was served and we played games and raffles throughout the meal to keep the guests entertained. The dessert table opened and guests were invited to join Dayna in opening all her stunning and thoughtful gifts. My brother, Jason (the groom), arrived shortly after, with beautiful bouquets for Dayna, her mother and his mother, which is an Italian tradition. It was such a lovely afternoon sharing laughs, celebrating love and all the special women in the couple’s life. We’re now less than two weeks away until the big day and couldn’t be more excited!”

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