Styled Shoots

/ May 4, 2017

FEATURE DanyelleDeePhotography_DSC1554_low

from the photographer… “You would never guess that behind the scenes of this styled shoot we were stressing about the incoming rain/snow storm that was slowly but surely progressing. I love working with Rosie of Save the Date Events, she always does a fantastic job at everything she pulls together. Not only did she pull together the exact style I had been envisioning, she even threw together the stunning floral arrangements! For our venue we chose the Bloomingcamp Ranch out in Oakdale, California where the almond trees are in full bloom and 100% beautiful. I have always wanted to photograph there and I am so happy I was finally able to do so. The images came out amazing! My favorite prop from the shoot is hands down the rose gold painted bicycle with a basket of gorgeous green and blush florals attached at the front; I was swooning the second I laid eyes on it! I thought it was really fun to use a vintage couch during the session. If I had advice for brides planning now, it would be to think about using some cute furniture to use for your portraits!”

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