Styled Shoots

/ July 17, 2017

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from the photographer… “Hannah and Dawson knew they wanted a gorgeous southern wedding, but one that was small and intimate, where they were surrounded by their closest family and friends. They decided to marry in Charleston, where they have shared some of their fondest memories together. They both shared a mutual love for giant oak trees dripping with Spanish moss and all of the southern charm that the city had to offer! Their special day began with Hannah and her best friend Sarah, getting ready, sipping champagne, and sharing some of their best memories together from the past. Once ready, Hannah and Dawson met under the grand oak at Runnymede Plantation, where they read their vows to one another from their heirloom vow book. Following the ceremony, they enjoyed lounging under the oaks on their swing bed, sipping cocktails, and eating a light lunch alongside the Ashley River. It was truly the perfect day. The fun continued as the couple and their guests (and pup!) all hopped on a vintage bus and headed for downtown Charleston, taking in the beautiful sights of the city. The bus stopped at various locations such as Cannon Green for cocktails and The Darling Oyster Bar for hors d’oeuvres. After saying goodbye to their guests, their evening ended with meandering the historic streets of downtown and taking in a gorgeous sunset while beginning their new life together.”

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