Styled Shoots

/ July 6, 2017

FEATURE MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0803_low

from the photographer… “With only the salt, sun and a lot of love between this real life couple – not to mention a few touches of copper and greenery! – this styled destination elopement at the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats in the western Utah desert features two designer dresses by Chantel Lauren Designs, the styling of M and B Events along with Sage and Thistle Rentals, with an on-trend all-greenery bouquet by Mille Fleur topped off with a metallic print paper suite by Katie Blakeley Design. We set up in the gorgeous full daylight and stayed until after sunset allowing us to capture romantic Golden Hour lighting all the way through Blue Hour and beyond, the changing light tells a story of its own of how quickly time slips away, yet captured in images the moment lives on. The intimate feeling is enhanced by the wide, open (and stunning) landscape where the couple (and photography team!) spent the evening celebrating not only the love this couple shares for one another, but the love this mountain climber groom and dancer bride have for being surrounded by nature.”

1 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0791_low2 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1224_low

3A MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1852_low
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5B MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0777_low

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7B MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0900_low

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11A MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1281_low
11B MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1280_low

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13B MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0793_low

14 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1856_low15 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A2023_low
1 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0796_low2 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1189_low3 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1028_low4 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1071_low5 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A0819_low6 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1079_low7 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1145_low8 MarniWishartPhotography__Z7A1275_low