/ December 30, 2016


from the photographer… “Tara and Joe are partial to beaches, their upcoming wedding being in Jamaica. I’ve always wanted to shoot at the Bluffs in Scarborough, so beautiful as it is, we decided upon a fall session there. The weather in the GTA had been so amazing up to this point, above seasonal, but on the day of our session, the temperatures dropped drastically and the winds had 60 km gusts!! We were going ahead..(no matter what?) and started at the top of the bluffs. I soon realized that it was impossible to get close to the edge without danger due to the winds but got some really adorable shots of the two lovebirds getting cozy with the wind whipping their hair. Once moving to the beachy area at the base of the bluffs, the wind died down and there are so many favourite images…each spot along the way, a little more adorable than the last.”





from the bride-to-be, Tara… “The proposal story! Joe and I were going on a trip to Hollywood, Florida – I was going with my company as I had been selected to attend a prestige event for service excellence. We were going to be there for 4 days but decided to extend it to 6, so we could spend some time exploring together, just the two of us. On our last day, we made plans to head to South Beach in Miami. We packed a beach bag and hopped in a cab. Joe had the ring in our beach bag the entire time, I obviously had no idea. A little backtrack – the ring was actually not ready in time for the day we were leaving, so he had it shipped to the hotel and kept in a security box. On the day we were leaving for Miami, he had to carefully get the ring from the front desk and get it into the bag without me seeing. He ended up just putting it in a coffee cup, all the while just hoping I didn’t ask for a sip or start asking why he didn’t get me one?! Lucky for him, I thought nothing of it, and he was able to get the ring into the bag. So, in Miami, we were basically walking all day up and down the beach, up and down the strip. I’m about 16 weeks pregnant at this time, so was a little tired and grumpy. We stopped at a coffee shop to change out of our beach clothes and this is another tricky part, as I needed the bag which the ring was in. Joe somehow managed to get the ring out of there, without me noticing. So, after we change, Joe is trying to find the best place for us to have dinner – literally searching for the perfect place. At this point, I’m so hungry, I would have settled for a hot dog. Finally, he decides on the Lido Hotel as they have a great restaurant with a patio overlooking the bay and downtown Miami. We had a lovely dinner, enjoying each other’s company – Joe all the while hoping I would go to the washroom in order to get the ring from the bag. At one point he got up and said he wanted to ask the waiter something – he went to the bar and was speaking to the manager, then proceeded to have a shot of Tequila. Totally normal. I finally had to relieve my pregnancy bladder and headed to the washroom. When I came back, we talked some more, but before I realized what was happening, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I obviously said Yes.”