Styled Shoots

/ September 12, 2017

FEATURE LeViePhotography_LeViePhotography64_low

from the photographer… “This curated romantic inspiration wedding shoot at the beautiful elegant Greystone Mansion evokes the feeling of romance and serenity. The beautiful historic Tudor Revival architecture is built on the hills in Beverly Hills overlooking beautiful Los Angeles city scape. Known to be the popular venue amongst Hollywood’s elite, we could not have chosen a better location. The shoot was hosted by non-other than Jeremy Chou, Southern California award winning film photographer. The beautiful layout and design were intricately curated by Tristan Needham Design, even down to the smallest details leave you smiling. The exquisite free flowing, organic, and soft pastel colored flowers with a hint of blush designed by Laura’s Floras was perfect for this inspirational wedding shoot as it exudes elegance. The beautiful colors, rows of Cypress trees, and landscape provide a gorgeous backdrop. The elegant and luxurious wedding gown provided by Grace Loves Lace from Australia exudes a feeling of ethereal beauty. Inspired by the beauty of Old World ephemera and nature’s beautiful decay, Cindy of Owl Post Calligraphy, created an elegant stationery calligraphy set that was to die for.”

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