Real Weddings

/ April 6, 2017


from the stationer… “Aubree and Trevor tied the knot at Sewanhaka Yacht Club in Centre Island, New York. They chose our classic gray ink with scripted font for their wedding suite, and added a playful touch on their response card that read, “I promise to dance if you play ___”. We loved how that allowed the guests to feel included on their special day! Aubree and Trevor were an absolute pleasure to work with. Jessica, our sales director, remembers how easy going Aubree was, and recalls how much fun it was to discuss their wedding plans together – as they were getting married in the same month! As you can see, this wedding was a blast – filled with laughs, love, and plenty of dancing!”

1A AT_S_0001
1B AT_S_0002

2 AT_S_0012

3A AT_S_0015
3B AT_S_0024

4 AT_S_0028

5A AT_0003
5B AT_S_0055

6 AT_S_0057

7A AT_S_0058
7B AT_S_0060

8 AT_S_0062

9A AT_S_0107
9B AT_S_0113

10 AT_S_016011 AT_S_0154

12A AT_S_0167
12B AT_S_0163

13 AT_S_0155

14A AT_S_0152
14B AT_S_0151

15 AT_S_020916 AT_S_0275
1 AT_S_00292 AT_S_00133 AT_S_01494 AT_S_01305 AT_S_00466 AT_S_01647 AT_S_02028 AT_S_0237