Styled Shoots

/ June 8, 2017

FEATURE 20170429_StyledShoot-152

from the photographer… “It’s no secret in Ohio, that late winter has us all pretty excited for warmer months! Earlier this year, as I was (im)patiently awaiting a warmer season, I decided that I wanted to do something really creative, inspiring and BIG – a styled shoot. I wanted this shoot to promote local vendors and showcase the potential our community has for a truly beautiful and unique wedding. We wanted the shoot to be very light and ethereal, with an “enchanted garden” feel, while still trying to inspire the modern-style bride. While most of the backgrounds for the shoot portray the beautiful greenery of the venue, the color scheme included soft white, petal pink, and silver, with pops of lilac, hot pink and rose gold. The bride and groom, Hannah and Bryan, were the perfect couple for this shoot! Their joy and love for each other added so much authenticity to the atmosphere we worked to create. Each feature of the shoot complemented the other aspects so beautifully. Everything came together perfectly, creating a truly unique garden wedding!”

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