Real Weddings

/ February 7, 2017

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from the photographer… “Kristi and Donny are very traditional and love their family. Their beautiful wedding was held at sunset on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean at Trump Golf Course. Pre-ceremony rituals included a prayer circle with closest family and friends, traditional blessings, and beautiful gifts exchanged between the bride and groom. Their luxurious ballroom reception was impeccably designed by Taryn, their planner.”

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Supreme elegance was achieved in this real wedding largely in part to the chic all-black and white color palette with touches of deep gold. Luxury was overflowing as orchids were found at every turn, textured table cloths added extra depth and femininity, and gold chivari chairs were used at the reception. The bride, Kristi, wore a glamorous, elaborate gown paired with meticulously designed Oscar de la Renta heels and a beautiful hair piece. To top it all off, this wonderful couple said “I Do” on a cliff with sweeping views right as the sun was setting.

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