Styled Shoots

/ June 22, 2017

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from the photographer… “For this inspiration shoot, we wanted to include elements that told the story of a love that knows no bounds and is so colorful that it needs to be captured. The design was inspired by light, airy materials to represent the very essence of marriage; a love so transparent and luminescent that there is nothing to transcend a couple’s love. We chose a variety of textures and bright colors to feature among the wood and concrete in the beautiful modern venue, Pear Tree Estate. The rich “lipstick” colored velvet linens from LaTavola were the perfect slate for the vibrant blooms from J Blu Design. The cake, a design of Sugar by Sarah, elevated on lucite from the trusses as guests entered the estate.”

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“To add dimension, we featured the Estate’s handmade farm tables and suspended candles above the main feasting table. We had lucite shelves made to flank the wood panels for the sweetest mini desserts and specialty cocktail flights made by L.A. Gourmet Catering. The details from the paper designer, Dash/Wood, speak for themselves from the glass menus to the lucite table numbers and the hanging escort boards to the stunning invitation suite. Sweet Darling Weddings captured our real couple’s love perfectly, being bound not by color but by love. Our beautiful flower girl, dressed by BHLDN, was recently adopted from India and her smile is the greatest reminder that love really is transparent and bright. When a collection of vendors is inspired by a common vision, love knows no bounds.”

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