Styled Shoots

/ February 24, 2017

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from the photographer… “I had the pleasure of working with a real couple and having a lot of talented vendors on board with me for this! It took place at a local riverfront restaurant here in central Florida called Yellow Dog Cafe and everything was gorgeous. It was my vision come to life and involved many DIY elements, such as a copper pipe arch (made by my husband), and I made the floral arrangements as well; it was a labor of love inspired by love (since the idea came to me on our anniversary dinner at Yellow Dog Cafe)!”

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Full of copper and rose gold details and geometric elements, this beautiful wedding inspiration showcases how you can mix modern with eccentric to end up with classy, stunning results. From the bride’s jaw-dropping dress with a flowy, tulle skirt to the flawless cascading bouquet, romance is found at every turn. This styled shoot also proves that brides with a smaller budget can still have their dream wedding since many aspects of this inspiration are DIY, including the copper pipe arch used as a ceremony backdrop and the floral arrangements.

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