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/ May 22, 2017

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from the planner… “Danielle and Kevin are one of those couples that make you believe in love all over again. Before tying the knot, they had been together for close to 10 years but at first glance, you may guess 10 months. They have a youthful love that is incredibly infectious and it filled the room the day of their wedding. Danielle wanted her wedding to feel organic and natural with moments of rich deep blues incorporated throughout. We named their wedding’s design “untethered romance” which allowed us to bring in lush and overgrown details, while still maintaining an elegant tone. Danielle and Kevin not only found the design of their wedding to be important, but also wanted to throw an incredible party for loved ones who had been a part of their love story over the years. It was a night full of laughs, dancing, good conversation and one of the best Best Man speeches I’ve ever heard. Everyone had their fair share of tears and laughs which is always such an incredible testament to the couple and the love shared.”

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