Styled Shoots

/ September 5, 2017

FEATURE VictoriaGoldPhotography_garage68_low

from the photographer… “This styled shoot is inspired by summer fruits and the summer days at a chateau in France. Summer fruits and abundance of tasty treats. The focus is on the florals rather than an elaborate venue. The Garage in Burbank acts as a perfect minimal backdrop for the event. Invitations are inspired by the oil paintings adorning the walls of the French chateaus. This shoot is inspired by the the endless California summer and the richness of dutch master oil paintings. The idea is that we are entering a space where French Rococo meets California cool. The client is fabulously chic and so is her wedding. Plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and dried elements spill out over the table, the floor, the ceiling, the chairs etc. Rich colors complemented and accented with soft colors.”

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11B VictoriaGoldPhotography_garage73_low

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13B VictoriaGoldPhotography_garage74_low

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17B VictoriaGoldPhotography_garage59_low

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