Styled Shoots

/ April 4, 2017

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from the photographer… “The beautifully all white ship lap venue is what inspired this great team of vendors to come together. The Farmhouse is a premier wedding and event venue in Montgomery County, Texas. And one of Houston’s new wedding venues! This is quite the beautiful venue with endless possibilities! The Farmhouse is run by a family, who I might say, are one of a kind! So real and genuine. They have such a desire to give brides a seamless and dream reaching celebration. All the vendors enjoyed working with them and each other. Makael Pritchard is an amazing Makeup Artist in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and anywhere in between! She has a mobile team that specializes in wedding makeup and hair and is able to accommodate any size group.”

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Shades of White Bridal is a privately owned wedding gown and accessories boutique. Owned by Dawn Coupe, she is easily one of the sweetest and motivated women I have met! Shades of White Bridal is a quaint, specialty boutique that offers individualized and intimate service to each client. They want their clients to enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience, truly one that they will treasure for a life time. Courtney McLean, owner of Rustic Chic Events, was our rentals vendor. A self taught stylist and lover of the rustic style, Courtney is a certified wedding planner and collector of all things vintage and chic.”

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“Our florals were done by none other than Holly Wood’N Vines! They specialize in beautiful fresh floral designs for any occasion. We also had an amazing calligrapher, Megan Marie Calligraphy! What a joy it was to have Megan around. She was basically an assistant the whole day helping any and everyone. She also stayed the entire shoot, helping with clean up at the end. It’s not every day that you get a group of vendors together, meeting for the first time, and everyone having a wonderful time working together! I must say this was such a great group of creatives! To top that off we had EC Films recording every vendor doing their part and making a vendor reel for all involved! I don’t think there is a better way in any industry than to support one another and have fun doing it! I love working with others to create something beautiful.”

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