Styled Shoots

/ March 28, 2017

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from the photographer… “Being based in Scotland, I am always delighted to work on more elaborate shoots and styled sessions with local suppliers. When I got together with this talented bunch of vendors, we agreed that we needed a little something special to warm the cockles of our heart after such a long winter! Our minds immediately went to Hawaii, with its vibrant colours, warmth, and tropical influences. We really wanted to try and shoot outside but on the day, believe it or not, snow was starting to settle on the ground. Creativity had to be stepped up once again as the elements were determined to throw us off course, but we found a room in the private home we shot at which worked perfectly and allowed ample light to filter in.”

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“Our colour scheme consisted of deep tropical greens, gold accents, and pops of vibrant pink and purple. The bride was beautiful and bohemian – which called for the most exquisite floral crown and bright eye makeup. Accessories for this shoot came from Oliver Bonas, who kindly sent us curated items to work into the session, and the bright green velvet Zara shoes helped bring the whole story to life, providing us with the vibrancy we all sought to achieve.”

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