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/ May 12, 2017

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from the photographer… “This styled Mother’s Day shoot was conceived around the idea of having 5 generations of women together for a high tea with lots of cake. We wanted it to feel like spring, with bright pastel colors, enticing cakes, classic teacups and the women dressed up. Set in Old Town Spring, Texas, this shoot was set in a beautiful white gazebo in Thyme Square. The pillars on the gazebo are wrapped in vines and pink flowers, which helped set the mood. The round table was flushed with a white linen, then with a pink linen on top. The settings on the table included mismatched teacups and china, in a floral theme. Under the teacups were pink striped plates, which coordinated with the pink table cloth. The setting was finished off with place settings done in a gold calligraphy and tied with pink ribbon on the side. Accenting the table setting was a gorgeous large tea pot and pastel paper flowers. The flowers rested on the plates, as well as on top of the cakes and in pastel colored vases.”

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“Last, but not least, were the gorgeous cakes adorning the table. One in pink ombré, topped with brighter pink flowers made from icing, was placed on a purple glass plate. Close to it was a white cake placed on a light blue cake stand, adorned with pink and blue paper flowers. Lastly, was the naked cake! It was also adorned with paper flowers, both on the top and around the edges. Looking at this table, I definitely feel like spring is here! The women look cozy at the table — the younger generation sitting on one side of the gazebo, with the older women sitting on the other. All the women wore various shades of pastels and whites. The great granddaughter even wore one of the paper flowers in her hair! The setting at Thyme Square, with the old buildings surrounding the gazebo, was the perfect backdrop for this Mother’s Day tea party. The women were truly enjoying themselves, the tea and the cake! The pops of pastel colors from the table contrasted with their beautiful dresses and setting, making you wish you could celebrate Mother’s Day like this every year!”

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