Styled Shoots

/ May 29, 2017

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from the photographer… “Handmade macrame, lush florals, olive grove, antipasto bar. This shoot is becoming my absolute favorite. The family owns Olive Mill in Queen Creek, Arizona, which made the perfect backdrop for this olive grove inspired wedding styled shoot. My mother-in-law jumped right in and made the stunning macrame back drop and coupled with Prim’s arbor and Moonchild’s floral installation, the arbor was most certainly the piece de resistance of this shoot. It left everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing. I designed the invitation suite with the venue in mind. I had photos of the venue mounted on deep matte paper and included them in with the invites as gifts for wedding guests. It gave them a glimpse of the celebration to come. I love how all the details came together, but even more than that, I loved how the photographers came together. For a lot of photographers, this was the first chance they have had to attend a shoot like this. They came feeling a little shy and unsure of themselves and left with a new found confidence and friendships. It’s why I love doing these types of shoots. Yes, they are great portfolio builders and are ways to meet wedding vendors and get published, but more importantly, it’s where community comes together.”

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