/ October 18, 2016


from the photographer…“As I crested the backcountry hill where I was meeting Michael and Kaia to capture their engagement session, I saw them waiting for me at the end of the dirt road…three wine glasses in hand, arms entwined around each other, with ear to ear grins. This couple has the most natural, effervescent love. They love the outdoors and actually live a few miles from the lake we shot at.”


“Choosing the scenic location was easy…and capturing their love was even easier. Add in a glass of wine, a few hours of cheek-aching smiles and laughter, and I felt like I’d won the lottery. From the tall golden grasses on an oak tree lined hill, along the dusty trail leading down to the water, to the soft rocky shores of this crystal clean Oregon lake…this session was just a dream.”


about Michael and Kaia’s proposal… “Michael and Kaia met each other while salsa dancing in Ashland, Oregon; a hilarious tale of cat and mouse, finally ending up with her number on his palm. Their courtship was filled with months of travel, music, dancing, adventure, exploring, and relishing life. Bound by their love of travel, adventure led them to Tulum, Mexico, an area filled with stunning Mayan ruins and beautiful sights. Michael surprised Kaia in Tulum with a beachside proposal, to which she said a resounding YES!”