Real Weddings

/ January 10, 2017


from the planner… “Platonic best friends for years, Colbi Rae and Tyler built a relationship based on much more than just puppy love. After 7 years of friendship and 2 years of dating, the two decided to tie the knot in the beautiful Carondelet House in Korea Town, Los Angeles. In planning their wedding, the bride and groom wanted to create a welcoming, yet elevated evening. As a banker, Tyler dons a suit daily, so that made their decision for a black tie affair an easy one. It was a tux or bust situation! The bride’s love of natural elements and subtlety helped dictate the decor. Greens, blush and wooden accents accounted for the color palate. From the fresh, organically arranged centerpieces to the use of the bride’s family’s concrete urns to flank the ceremony space, there was a focus on casual elegance.”



“During their engagement, Tyler treated Colbi Rae to a calligraphy class at The Line Hotel where she learned the craft in order to hand make all of the signage, menus, escort cards, and detailing for the evening, providing a personalized continuity throughout the decor. The ceremony was made intimate and deeply personal by the Bride’s brother, Austin, who officiated the event. All of the siblings were included through readings from the Alchemist and poetry by the couple’s favorite author, Earnest Hemmingway. The bride and groom took a non-traditional path and included a unique twine cutting ceremony that put to rest a joke enjoyed by the couple for years. Colbi Rae had tied a piece of kitchen twine around Tyler’s wrist during their first jointly hosted dinner party, after which she said in jest, ‘If this falls off, we break up’. Tyler had cared for that twine like a child and upon their wedding day, Colbi Rae cut it off his wrist, releasing him from the string as she then placed his wedding band on his finger, as a more permanent symbol of their commitment.”


“The personalized element made for a perfect juxtaposition of seriousness and whimsy, one that exemplified the couple’s goal for the evening. They were even able to include a subtle nod to the twine ceremony by using the same string to tie the hand written escort cards up around the breathtaking tree in the middle of the venue’s courtyard. As appreciators of fine cuisine and the intimacy of dinner party conversations, a major focal point for the couple was creating an unforgettable meal for their 140 guests. Tres LA delivered on their every need, serving a decadent family style feast featuring Grilled Salmon, Hanger Steak and the crowd favorite Wild Mushroom Mac and Cheese. The couple received countless compliments on the dinner and atmosphere created by the incredible staff, making it feel like a complete success! The evening concluded with a vibrant dance party despite the Summer heat wave that tipped the temperature scale way up – nothing could put a damper on the jovial mood!”