Styled Shoots

/ September 11, 2017

FEATURE Cake&LaceSubmission-7

from the photographer… “Our belief is that a wedding day should be not only beautiful but fun. We wanted to capture the joy and love between a couple embarking on the biggest adventure of their life. All of the details were curated by our team to be geared towards an outgoing couple who isn’t scared to stand out from the crowd! From the hand torn paper calligraphy invitations to the canoe by the riverside this shoot has been one of our favorites to date.”

1A Cake&LaceSubmission-179
1B Cake&LaceSubmission-106

2 Cake&LaceSubmission-1

3A Cake&LaceSubmission-23
3B Cake&LaceSubmission-34

4 Cake&LaceSubmission-24

5A Cake&LaceSubmission-56
5B Cake&LaceSubmission-63

6 Cake&LaceSubmission-206 Cake&LaceSubmission-94

7A Cake&LaceSubmission-136
7B Cake&LaceSubmission-123

8 Cake&LaceSubmission-117

9A Cake&LaceSubmission-137
9B Cake&LaceSubmission-4

10 Cake&LaceSubmission-14011 Cake&LaceSubmission-108

12A Cake&LaceSubmission-9
12B Cake&LaceSubmission-8

13 Cake&LaceSubmission-11

14A Cake&LaceSubmission-12
14B Cake&LaceSubmission-10

15 Cake&LaceSubmission-1316 Cake&LaceSubmission-16

17A Cake&LaceSubmission-70
17B Cake&LaceSubmission-72

18 Cake&LaceSubmission-75

19A Cake&LaceSubmission-86
19B Cake&LaceSubmission-160

20 Cake&LaceSubmission-97
1 Cake&LaceSubmission-22 Cake&LaceSubmission-363 Cake&LaceSubmission-224 Cake&LaceSubmission-1805 Cake&LaceSubmission-906 Cake&LaceSubmission-1227 Cake&LaceSubmission-1428 Cake&LaceSubmission-74