Styled Shoots

/ February 20, 2017

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from the photographer… “A few years ago, The Cottage Farmhouse was just a dream in the hearts of a mother-daughter team, Kim Serbus and Bailey Hanson. While planning Bailey’s wedding, the two were completely smitten with the charm of a barn wedding. They started looking for a big white dairy barn and enough land to spread out and create a beautiful landscape for a wedding venue. The original property has been lovingly repurposed and overlooks 15 acres of lush countryside. They aspire to bring a natural elegance to each wedding occasion – to be known for the reimagined romance of happy beginnings. Each space has been intentionally designed to capture the character of the original buildings while adding many options for ceremony and reception spaces. Before this wedding barn was set to open, we teamed up with a group of local vendors to produce an inspirational styled shoot for this charming space.”

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“The team came together to dream up an enchanted woodland romance theme with hints of bohemian flair. The accents of deep wine are evident in the smallest details, from the tablescape to the lip color of the bride, to make for a beautifully moody palette. The florist paid special attention to the flower crown and the arbor nestled in the trees, wrapping them in foliage and budding blooms to showcase the lush, fairytale landscape of the property. The gold accents and crocheted table cloth lends to the vintage-bohemian charm we were trying to capture. We had fun with decorated donuts by Glam Doll Donuts and Rebel Donut Bar. Yantes Photo captured each detail perfectly. Working with real-life couples brings another strong element to inspirational shoots-the element of true, genuine emotion. This couple was newly married and it was so fun to capture their love and commitment to each other at this beautiful barn wedding venue.”

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