Real Weddings

/ April 19, 2017


from the bride, Dianne… “Christian and I knew that we wanted an intimate wedding that was both relaxed and had a natural feel to it. Christian loves a lot of wood and I love a lot of greenery. We had a lot of wooden signs because it had a simple yet elegant feel to it. We especially loved how the seating chart and welcome wooden signs with flowers draped over it turned out. Also we both love all neutral colors like nude and white, and that was our inspiration for choosing bridal party clothing. For our ceremony, our florist had suggested we do a ring wreath, which we loved (were both Christians so it signifies eternal love).”

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“Chris and I both grew up in the Philippines but met a year after migrating to the USA. I met him through my friend, and my first impression of him was actually not that great! He looked like a bad K-pop star because of his skinny jeans and long dyed hair. Eventually we became friends (and he got over his phase) and we have been together ever since. We we there for each other’s graduations, first jobs, and all of life’s ups and downs. After 6 years of being together, he proposed to me with the sweetest proposal! There was a HUGE tree filled with hanging lighted mason jars and he was standing right under it. There was a guitarist playing our favorite song and just before he kneeled on one knee, my family and his family came out, holding wooden signs that said “will you dance with me forever?” So…I said yes!”

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