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/ June 15, 2017

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from the event planner… “With the initial release of The Sound of Music movie being just over 52 years ago, Julie Andrews and her most iconic movie have served as an inspiration to many. I remember watching the film countless times at home with my mother and singing along at the top of my lungs. The sing-along version was actually on TV and I recorded it for when my parents came to visit. My husband and dad went out to play golf and my mum and I made an evening of it. Living so close to the Canadian Rockies, I have always wanted to do a styled wedding shoot with them as the background. The open fields and snow-capped peaks create such an romantic, calming, natural environment and are the perfect setting for a wedding. One of my favourite songs from the movie is “My Favourite Things”. I love all the descriptions within the lyrics, so I used that as my starting point. “Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes” was the first. Our beautiful model, Zoe, had so much fun with us. What girl wouldn’t love to put on a pretty dress and twirl around in the mountains?!”

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“I also managed to incorporate the “crisp copper kettles” as my centrepiece, which actually belonged to Christy, our photographer. My take on the “brown paper packages tied up with string” was the kraft brown boxes we used as place cards and favour containers. Ali from Modern Pulp Design Studio even lined the lids of the boxes with matching striped paper. The simple ivory macarons were provided by Yann’s Haute Patisserie. Sometimes keeping things simple is better. The plan was to have a perfect blue skied day, but course, you can’t control the weather. It was forecast to rain and snow all day but we decided to proceed, and I’m so glad we did. Upon arrival at our shoot location, the rain stopped and there was a small window of opportunity. The mountains were draped in low mysterious clouds and it actually complemented the shoot really well. You could say that it was the silver white winter, melting into spring!”

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“The wild floral arrangements that Sunny created were perfect. We didn’t want anything too strutted and the texture and movement of the foliage worked great. Decor pieces were also all natural looking. Only a few glass elements were included as I wanted more wood, copper and white aspects. Using food to style the table was something I had not done before, but I loved it, and it looked more real and usable as opposed to too-pretty-to-sit-at. At the end of the day we headed out to a friend’s stable where we shot with her beautiful horse. We did have some flowers in her mane, but you know what they say about working with children and animals! The Sound of Music is one of my all time favourite movies and I’m so lucky to have been able to share my love for it in a creative outlet with such an amazing team of professionals.”

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