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Cake and Lace was founded after a need was discovered for a wedding blog that doesn’t focus on one little niche or a certain “look”. Instead, we simply showcase all things beautiful! 
A successful submission typically has variety in the images (for example, shots of different subjects), includes plenty of detail images, and often explores unique or unordinary ideas or up-and-coming trends. 
Cake and Lace is an exclusive publisher. If you have a feature you’d like to submit that has been published before, you must wait 60 days before submitting it to Cake and Lace. Please note: Although this is our preference, we occasionally will make an exception for the right submission. 
Please do not be discouraged if your submission is not accepted. Oftentimes a declined submission simply means we believe there is another wedding blog that is better suited for your submission or we currently have all the features we can handle. Even if your submission is turned down, you are welcome to submit new features to Cake and Lace in the future.



To submit a feature, simply fill out our submission form below or find us on Two Bright Lights. A space will be provided for you to send a link to the photo gallery via Dropbox, Pixieset, PASS, or another photo sharing option. Please note we do not accept WeTransfer submissions; we must be able to view your submission without downloading first. Please make sure you submit a direct link where photos can be downloaded, and allow us to have access for at least 30 days. This helps us speed up the submission process and ensures you’ll receive a quicker response. 
Please note: we will not respond to submissions that do not include a link to a photo gallery of image files that can be downloaded. 
We aim to reply to every submission within 1 week. If you have not received a response from us after 1 week, please email to check on the status of your submission.

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