/ February 1, 2017

FEATURE Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1698_low

from the photographer… “Andrew chose the most romantic city and the most ancient and luxurious cafe for his proposal: Caffe Florian in Venice. Instead of a Hot Chocolate arrived a white box with an amazing ring…and she said YES!” 
After these two lovebirds were officially engaged, they wandered throughout this magnificent city with photographer Serena Genovese. Andrew gave Xinzhu a gorgeous bouquet from Fioreria San Rocco Eventi, which she proudly carried throughout their spontaneous engagement photo shoot. The historic surroundings of Venice provided a variety of beautiful backdrops to create these memorable pictures. Andrew and Xinzhu’s romantic day ended with a sweet gondola ride as the sun was setting. Talk about an amazing proposal!

1A Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1378_low
1B Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1443_low

2 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1452_low

3A Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1467_low
3B Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1474_low

4 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1497_low

5A Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1621_low
5B Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1667_low

6 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1609_low

7A Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1924_low
7B Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1755_low

8 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1730_low

9A Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1898_low
9B Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1904_low

10 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1938_low

11A Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1815_low
11B Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1829_low

12 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1835_low
1 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1439_low2 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1701_low3 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1767_low4 Yoon_Wang_serenagenovese_ZFP1987_low