Styled Shoots

/ September 13, 2017

FEATURE MilenaGracePhotography_117_low

from the photographer… “Nestled in the most private and luxurious southern California foothills, rests the most enchanting estate. As you enter the lush green-filled property, you get the most magical feeling as the wind rustles the leaves and you can see the sun peeking through the trees. Rancho Las Lomas truly has the most magical yet historic feel and was the perfect location for this breathtaking shoot. As if picked straight from the garden, lush fruits and gorgeous greens bring the most honest and earthy feel. Rich tones of scarlet, peach, amber, and emerald hues fill the design. Interwoven with the slightest bits of blue, it gives a nod to the end of summer as cooler weathers and warmer tones begin to step in.”

1A MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA41_low
1B MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA30_low

2 MilenaGracePhotography_112_low

3A MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA24_low
3B MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA28_low

4 MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA4_low

5A MilenaGracePhotography_1_low
5B MilenaGracePhotography_4_low

6 MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA20_low

7A MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA69_low
7B MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA76_low

8 MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA42_low

9A MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA43_low
9B MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA81_low

10 MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA10_low

11A MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA53_low
11B MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA44_low

12 MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA45_low13 MilenaGracePhotography_SSAA8_low

14A MilenaGracePhotography_3_low
14B MilenaGracePhotography_11_low

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