Styled Shoots

/ May 31, 2017

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from the photographer… “When Sara Fitzpatrick, a NJ wedding photographer, and I first decided that it would be an absolutely fabulous idea to pool our resources and host a styled wedding shoot together, one solid idea kept coming to the front: a whimsical, bohemian elopement catering to all things green, geometric, geode, and gorgeous! With that in mind, we searched for the perfect destination to host our shoot. Memory Town USA with it’s woodsy vibe, red cabins and barns, flowering orchard, and tiny island on the lake came to mind as it is one of the Pocono Mountains’ premier wedding destinations. We were absolutely thrilled when they agreed to host our shoot, and looking back, it was absolutely the best choice we could have made! Sara and I both agreed that we really wanted our shoot to have an authentic feel, so we opted to use a real-life-soon-to-be-married couple from my list of awesome 2017 couples. Krystal and Joey were fun, genuine, and the perfect fit for the look we wanted to achieve. These two met in high school but didn’t start dating until later on when Krystal approached Joey at a local hang-out spot in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Our vision for this shoot just happened to be Krystal’s dream wedding, so it truly was the perfect fit!”

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“We started our shoot with hair and make-up at the very early hour of 4 AM. Our vision for Krystal was loose, flowing curls that were a little less than neatly in place. A crown of greenery as well as a gorgeous lace and chiffon dress created exactly to her measurements by CJ Bridal truly brought our woodland bridal vision to life! Our vision for the elopement ceremony site was the little island accessible only by a quaint red covered bridge, where Krystal and Joey would promise to love and accept each other forever in front of a lace-draped teepee that Sara constructed prior to our shoot. A linen banner draped from a nearby tree held a quote from a love song from Disney’s Tarzan: “You’ll be in my heart from this day on, now and forevermore.” The lake was quiet and serene…with the exception of an angry Canadian goose that graced us with his frequent angry hissing sounds.”

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“For the reception portion of our shoot, we trekked into the woods a little ways where we set up one of Fox and Finch Vintage Rental’s gorgeous wooden tables. Sara and I hand-designed our place settings and table decor with the help of some gorgeous greenery and succulents from Cindy Bee Floral. Green apples added a fresh, organic feel as did several geometric glass pieces we found at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. The menu created by Touyen of Poppy Seed Signs features actual options from Memory Town’s catering service for their couples. Geode cakes and cupcakes are all the rage right now, so our adorable blue and purple ones from Sweets by Sara were a huge hit with our couple as they tasted just as good as they looked! After trying the traditional act of feeding each other cake, Krystal and Joey decided they might need just a bit more practice before their wedding day this June. We ended our styled shoot among the flowering orchard blooms with portraits on a gorgeous settee from Fox and Finch. This settee happens to be one of my absolute favorite things about our shoot, and the whimsical bridal and couple portraits we shot on it were both stunning and fun! Sara and I really love the concept of the luxury elopement. It allows for such an intimate celebration at a gorgeous location. Bring two friends or six, grab the most gorgeous gown you can find, order a splendid meal, and tie the knot at a pretty spot that you love! It can be as simple or elaborate as you want, and definitely less costly than hosting 200 guests. Sweet, intimate, and totally you! We are really loving this trend and we hope it continues for years to come!”

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