Styled Shoots

/ June 7, 2017

FEATURE Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2086

from the planner… “We wanted to find a way to create a “wedding” inspired by natural elements and as many reusable pieces as possible. Florals by Missy Fine Inc. featured high quality blooms and greens most grown and clipped from their small atrium to create a minimalistic yet luxe display that is truly eco-friendly. Copper piping is up-cycled into plant stands at the hands of the company’s skilled craftswomen. The metallic pops add a bit of sparkle and dimension to the mostly naturalistic table scape. They featured the simple beauty that Mother Nature creates and appreciate the color, structure and lines of carefully chosen greenery and pops of playful color. With the venue being the Narrative Loft we wanted to tie in hints of literature. The invitation suite created by Lotus & Ash on recycled paper were perfect for the shoot. The invitation read like a book and the envelope was lined with a page from Mother Goose. The escort cards with the names of literary heroes added the perfect touch. The dress from Lace and Liberty was a flawless mix of whimsical and modern with the two piece and slight crop top which paired perfectly with the hair and makeup by Cheek to Cheek Artistry.”

1A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1366
1B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1386

2 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1378

3A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1616
3B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1678

4 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1656

5A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1628
5B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2030

6 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1901

7A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2210
7B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2217

8 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2068

9A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2227
9B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2468

10 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2523

11A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1485
11B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1421

12 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1420

13A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1434
13B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1438

14 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1501

15A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1472
15B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1406

16 Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-1521

17A Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2333
17B Narrative_Styled_Wedding_Shoot-2336

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