/ June 29, 2017

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from the photographer… “Alexa and Luke had an enchanting engagement session in Canton, Ohio. This fun loving couple met in college through a mutual friend. After a few years of dating, Luke proposed to Alexa over the holidays at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens during a tree lighting celebration. It was perfect timing to celebrate with their friends and out of town family. Their most anticipated moment of the wedding is their first dance. To celebrate the engagement and announcement of their wedding they wanted to incorporate the wedding venue into the engagement session. This worked out perfectly because Gervasi Vineyards is a beautiful backdrop for their dreamy engagement session.”

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“Alexa and Luke were so amazing to work with. I loved having the opportunity to capture their love on camera. Their engagement session was beautifully designed and styled by ReInspired Bride. A custom made rustic swing decorated with greenery and pink roses was hung from a tree by a stream in the woods. This spring woods setting was gorgeous and turned out to be the perfect whimsical spot. We traveled to Gervasi Vineyard where Alexa and Luke will be getting married next year, and walked through the gorgeous vines and enjoyed the sunset. A beautiful couch was decorated with accent lanterns, greenery and roses. Terrariums hung from the tree above, catching the light from behind. Elite Entertainment even captured video of their sweet moments. The video includes a stunning arial shot capturing Alexa and Luke dancing in the vineyards with the setting sunlight. Alexa’s ring is one of my all time favorites, it is so unique! Their engagement session was a fairytale and I cannot wait for their wedding day!”

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