Styled Shoots

/ March 10, 2017

FEATURE PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah53_low

from the event designer… “This wonderful styled shoot accentuated the traditional gold and white wedding colors, while incorporating an earthy feeling. Using Pantone’s color of the year – greenery – alongside bamboo elements, we managed to achieve a more contemporary, soft, and distinctive look to the whole classic white and gold wedding palette. The bride wore an off-the-shoulder dress by Vanila Studio. We wanted to continue the ‘Modern Meets Vintage’ theme, so we decided to choose a dress that had a touch of lace, along with a fun, feminine bow by St. Patrick. We were truly happy to see how the dress fit perfectly with all the other elements. Our hair and make-up artist, Monica from MHG Beauty, created a simple, bronzy, earthy-toned makeup. Topped with an elegant up-do, we managed to create a timeless, classic look which flatters almost every skin tone and eye color.”

1 PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah3_low

2A PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah9_low
2B PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah14_low

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4A PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah35_low
4B PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah58_low

5 PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah42_low

Paula Scalco Photography worked her magic to bring these wonderful photos to life. She played around with the lighting to create a romantic contrast that gave a whimsical and romantic touch to the whole shoot. As for the table decor, Irina from Blossom Tree Dubai used over 40 gold vases to re-create a table runner, after which she then proceeded to fill these vases with fresh orchids. In order to bring in a more modern touch, we included bamboo mini planes from The Party and chameleon chairs provided by Party Social. As for the wedding cake, Little Miss Cupcakes designed a gorgeous cake that screamed modern minimalism. To play off the earthy feel and vibe, we decided to add an engraved bamboo cake topper to the side of the cake. Ritu from Creative Box perfectly balanced traditional and modern while using our color palette; she designed beautiful monochromatic wedding invitations, welcome pamphlets, and menus using a mix of typography and calligraphy. The finishing touch was…balloons – yes, huge white balloons!! Because why not? Thinking outside the box can deliver amazing results.”

6 PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah68_low7 PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah51_low

8A PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah81_low
8B PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah136_low

9 PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah104_low

10A PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah125_low
10B PaulaScalcoPhotography_StyledShootBrideorchidsSetupFourSeasonJumeirah119_low

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